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The V.C. McCluer Award

The V.C. McCluer Award (or the Virgil C. McCluer Award), was established in 1965 and is named for the former Superintendent of the Ferguson-Florissant School District and one of the founders of the Education Plus (formerly, Cooperating School Districts). The award was originally presented to a member of the Saint Louis Suburban Media Directors Association and is now awarded to a member of the Educational Technology Association for outstanding personal contributions to the instructional programs of suburban Saint Louis schools.

Mr. McCluer was an accomplished photographer, world traveler and educator. The V.C. McCluer Award is presented annually to an active full member of the Association for outstanding personal contributions to the instructional programs of St. Louis area schools.

Nomination Procedure

1. Nominations of recipients and voting for nominees are limited to members of ETA.
2. Nominations are to be made in writing, with sufficient clarity to describe the achievements and/or contributions of the nominee. Nominations must be received by the ETA Secretary no later than the end of the day on March 15.
3. Ballots will be distributed to ETA members by email no later than April 1.
4. Deadline for voting will be April 14.
5. Presentation of the award(s) will take place in the Spring at the Annual Meeting in May.



2019-2020: Kim Lindskog, Parkway School District
2018-2019: Samantha Hardesty-Knoll, Wentzville School District
2017-2018: Erin Lawson, Orchard Farm SD
2016-2017: Nick Cusumano, Ft. Zumwalt SD
2015-2016: Michelle Dirksen, Hancock Place SD
2014-2015: Bill Bass, Parkway School District
2013-2014: Richard Wilson, Wentzville School District
2012-2013: Robert Deneau, Rockwood School District
2011-12: Gina Hartman, Francis Howell School District
2010-11: Tom Swoboda, Parkway School District
2009-10: Elaine McKenna, Rockwood School District
2008-09: Will Blaylock, Rockwood School District
2007-08: Mary Abkemeier, Fontbonne University
2006-07: Lora Hicks, Rockwood School District
2005-06: Dee Weicher, Kirkwood School District
2004-05: Dee Weicher, Kirkwood School District
2003-04: (no award given)
2002-03: Dee Blassie, Clayton School District
2001-02: Harriette Arkin, Ladue School District
2000-01: Lil Lutker
1999-00: Liz Schmitz
1998-99: Rosa Owsley, Affton School District
1997-98: (no award given)
1996-97: Ron Carr
1995-96: Charles Marshall
1994-05: Steve Boerner
1993-94: Marilyn Rothbard
1992-93: Lil Lutker
1991-92: Craig George, Cooperating School Districts
1990-91: Barbara Noble
1989-90: (no award given)
1988-89: Richard Simpson
1987-88: F. Susan Biggs
1986-87: David Jackoway
1985-86: (no award given)
1984-85: Dan Burns
1983-84: Warren Green
1982-83: Dwight Guerrant
1981-82: Robert Manges
1980-81: Don Mitchell
1979-80: (no award given)
1978-79: Charles Strantz
1977-78: Marilyn Rothbard
1976-77: Lloyd Listner
1975-76: Ronald Mathon
1974-75: David Jackoway
1973-74: Warren Green
1972-73: Calvin Owens III
1971-72: Clifford Underwood
1970-71: James Gill
1969-70: Eric Kaeppel
1968-69: John Bizzell, Jr
1967-68: Phil Carlock
1966-67: Jacqueline Beulick
1965-66: Warren Boecklen
1964-65: Paul Andereck