ETA: 2021-2022

Welcome to ETA, where connections are made to promote Educational Technology in our region.  During the 21-22 school year, ETA will be planning face to face meetings with a few virtual options.  Follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on news from ETA.

Mark your calendars for our meetings for the 21-22 school year:


The Educational Technology Association provides a forum for collaboration on educational issues, information about hardware and software and a means to communicate with other members on best practices.  We are a professional learning network of technology coaches, coordinators, teachers, and directors from around the St. Louis area.  Throughout the school year, we host monthly meetings at various sites around the area including schools of members and local hubs of innovation and creativity. Experience first hand the ideas, solutions and problems facing leaders in technology like yourself. Learn how they have made technology work for them in their classrooms and share your successes with them. Hear from vendors representing many software and hardware companies on issues and new developments important to technology educators. Keep yourself informed of what’s new in this fast changing field.